works with individuals to enhance their performance and productivity in their existing careers or in special work situations. Individualized coaching topics include:


Customized coaching focuses on setting priorities, time management and process administration. A large sector of our work includes help in better managing people whether they be subordinates, project teammates or outside parties. We also help individuals develop short and long range career goal plans be it at their current company, elsewhere or both.


The decision to form your own business is an enormous one. We coach you how to formulate a business plan, hire necessary staff, and manage the day-to-day activities. Our coaching deals with everything from making financial decisions to determining your market niche to pricing strategies.


Transition coaching helps people who for whatever reason have decided to take a break from full-time employment. During this transition we coach individuals to make the most of this time to determine their next career horizon. Topics range from part-time work options, getting additional education, and volunteering.