We provide individual career coaching in a series of customized one-on-one sessions either in person or via telephone. All clients are required to schedule  an intensive initial strategy session with both partners. During this hour and a half meeting, we discuss your particular background, current work situation and desired goals. At the conclusion of the session we are able to recommend a course of action that meets your individual needs.


Below is listed a typical progression of one hour session modules. We recognize that each client will progress through various development topics  at different rates, depending on their individual needs.

Session Topic(s)

I Introduction 
 -Career needs assessment/prioritization 
-Action plan development

II,III Skills/ Interests Values -Skills/interests inventory
-Working environment preferences

IV Career Plan Development 
-Ranking of target industries/organizations
-Selection/development of prospecting tools.

V Resumes
-Critique of resume/cover letters
-Development of resume/cover letters
VI Networking
 -Informational interviewing
-Getting and maximizing appointments

VII Interviewing
 -Effectiveness in initial screenings and in-depth interviews.
-Role Playing exercises

VIII Closing Skills
 -Getting the offer
-Negotiating salary and benefits

IX New Job Integration
 -Assimilation coaching
-Career advancement strategies