CAREERTEAM PARTNERS works with a variety of corporations, law firms and service organizations to increase productivity of designated employees. This type of work includes:


Managers in many different work situations need the objectivity of an outside third party consultant to (1) pinpoint and prioritize areas that need development and (2) structure a series of sessions to accomplish these goals.

We utilize both 360 degree written assessments and qualitative interviews as diagnostic tools to determine coaching needs. A series of structured, results-driven sessions follow. These sessions are particularly relevant to:

-newly promoted middle managers with increased staff responsibilities

-senior executives requiring enhanced management skills

-high potential employees requiring grooming for future promotion

Skills that are typically developed include:

-project management
-conflict resolution
-executive presence

Corporate Assimilation Workshop

This full day workshop is targeted for employees who have joined your firm in the past 30-60 days. The goal of this training is to accelerate new employee integration. It is intended to reinforce and supplement basic orientation programs which usually only focus on information dissemination versus workplace productivity strategies. 

Topics Include:

-the psychology of being new
-understanding and adapting to your firm's culture
-managing "up" and "down"
-setting career goals


Leadership Workshop

This full day workshop is designed for mid to upper level managers. Its focus is helping them develop coaching skills so they will interact and communicate more effectively with their staffs. The curriculum is particularly  relevant to newly promoted managers who may have never coached subordinates before or who in the past may have only supervised tasks.

Topics addressed include:

-Coaching versus supervising
- Types of Coaching
- Coaching tools and techniques
-Setting up coaching programs