"Since working with Charley and Brad, I have a clearer sense of where I want to go and a real plan for getting there. I haven't been this excited about my own
possibilities in years. It is the smartest investment I could make." 

-advertising executive 

"Deciding to leave my order was not an easy decision but once I did I had no idea
where to go next. These guys helped me better understand my talents and how they might translate back into the secular world." 


"CAREERTEAM PARTNERS has given me guidance in how to be effective 
in my current job. In doing the assessment work, I realized I liked my job but 
was not being productive. Working with Charley has given me ideas
about my business, but more importantly, the tools to succeed in a very 
political environment." 

-financial services executive

"After being a full-time mother, the idea of going back to work was intriguing but I
hadn't been on an interview in 10 years and needed help. Brad helped me focus my goals and polish how I sold myself" 

-full time mother turned writing consultant 

"We had some real problems with our two principal partners-these consultants
helped us sort out how to improve morale and productivity in one afternoon" 

-furniture manufacturing company